Day 1 in Cleveland is in the books. Marc met with Conference Ministers. Trudi met with Conference Moderators which included dinner with the officers of the Church Geoffrey Black, LInda Jaramillo, Ben Guess and Jim Moos. It was great the visit with leadership in person. Elaine and Trudi attended an inspirational worship in Amistad Chaple. The sermon was given by Rev. Traci Blackmon of Ferguson, MO. and the Church officers officiated Communion. Such an inspiring start to our Synod trip.

Day 2 in Cleveland has flown by. Trudi spent the morning finishing the Moderator Session. East delegate, Rick Thompson from Glasgow has joined Marc, Trudi and Elaine. West delegate, Lacy Spencer will join us tomorrow. Carol Shipley from Great Falls has been hard at work with the national Board. Carol represents the Conference so well. Today John Dorhauer of the Southwest Conference was nominated to be the next UCC General MInister and President and James Moos who hails from North Dakota was nominated for a second term as Executive MInister for Global Ministries. The day ended with a wonderful worship. The Youth at Synod shared their energy with us during the evening. It was an inspirational day. The work of Synod has begun.

Day 3  in Cleveland was marked by celebration and a lot of rain.  They Synod celebrated 67 new Church starts of the past 2 years.  That is 20 more Church starts than celebrated at the 29th General Synod in Long Beach in 2013.  A landmark celebration occured as we celebrated the Equal Marriage Rights victory in the U.S. Supreme Court.  We also celbrated a successful time fo the National Church over the past two years as the Officers gave their reports.  We were treated to a wonderful keynote by Pulitzer prize journalist Connie Schultz.  The afternoon was spent in workships followed by the Gala fundraiser.  Another great day in Cleveland.

Day 4 in Cleveland was a very busy day. We spent the morning in Committee meetings preparing resolutions for the business meetings which start was on the committee to look at socially responsible investments. Rick's committee dealt with the Israeli/Pakistan issues. Lacy's committee dealt with the resolution on changing racially demeaning sports mascots. Marc's committee dealt with good stewardship of outer space and a late resolution surrounding LGBT issues. Carol was Board Liaison and Trudi was a member of the Committee on the resolutions addressing racially discriminatory mass incarceration and the new Jim Crow laws. This afternoon, we attended the General Synod worship service which was very inspirational. The day ended with Marc and Trudi doing the Search and Call booth promoting MNWC to prospective ministers. The Synod business meetings and the election of national officers and Board members is tomorrow.

Day 5 in Cleveland marked the beginning of the business sessions. First came a presentation on the budget and the vote on the percent of OCWM to go to the National setting. Dr. Paul Raushenbush gave the keynote address. We passed the resolution to partner with the United Church of Canada and a compassionate resolution giving support and prayer to Charleston. In addition to the business of resolutions, we honored the ministries of President and General Minister Geoffrey Black and Executive Minister Linda Jaramillo as they retire. We heard the results of the study on the frequency of General Synod. We elected a new President and General Minister and re-elected Rev. Jim Moos for another term as Minister of Global Ministries. The day ended with a wonderful worship. One day left to do a lot of business. It will be a busy day.